Mava Foundation

Established in 1994 by Dr Luc Hoffmann, the MAVA foundation represents his life-long commitment to nature conservation. A Swiss family philanthropic foundation based in Switzerland with a regional office in Dakar, Senegal, it is currently in its final phase of activity and will end its funding in 2022, after which the foundation will cease its activities as planned by the founder.

Chaired since 2010 by André Hoffmann, the foundation’s mission is to conserve biodiversity by funding, mobilising and strengthening its partners and the conservation community. In addition, the Foundation’s approach has broadened in recent years to promote a more sustainable global economic system, with a particular focus on financing for biodiversity, the circular economy and natural capital.

The foundation’s grant-making is organised around four programmes: the Mediterranean Basin, the coastal zone of West Africa, Switzerland and Sustainable Economy. There is also a small amount of funding for global projects.

The foundation aims to ensure that the impact of the projects it funds is sustainable and that its partners will be able to continue their activities and develop well after the foundation has phased out of its funding in 2022. Securing a lasting impact of the projects funded within each programme, and enabling key partners to continue their work without MAVA, is a philosophy that shapes the foundation’s whole approach. 

The foundation has funded 1,316 projects between 1994-2020 for over CHF 1 billion.

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